What is Computer Science?

Computers and the Internet are having a great impact on human life and on society. Our lives, starting in the second half of the twentieth century, have become computerized "at the speed of light." We now live in times referred to as the computer age, the information age, or the Internet age. The Computer Engineering Department offers a unique opportunity for bright young minds to excel themselves in the areas of computer science, computer software, and computer hardware.

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Our Vision

  • to develop research projects that will receive international recognition
  • to engage our students in those projects that will enable them to find jobs easily all over the world

Our Mission

  • to educate our students with state-of-the-art computer engineering knowledge that emphasizes both theoretical and practical aspects
  • to provide our students with the necessary computer engineering background that will enable them in finding jobs all over the world
  • to enrich our students with high moral and ethical values
  • to engage our students in social activities which will improve their leadership skills

Our Merits and Principles

  • excellence in teaching and research
  • loyalty to ethical issues
  • professional and dedicated working habits
  • alert to technological changes