2. Administration and Registration: How to Get More Information

The Degree of M.Eng. Thesis is administered by Bedelbai Mamadiev, the Undergraduate and M.Eng. Programs. Questions about thesis policies and procedures should be addressed to him. For lots of general information about IAAU theses, go to: Thesis Specifications page.

Units and Registration: The M.Eng. thesis requirement calls for 24 units of 6.ThM. Students normally register for 12 units per term. No matter how many units of 6.ThM a student registers for over several terms, no more than 24 units of 6.ThM credit will be awarded. 6.ThM is not affected by the Add Date. It may be added or dropped up to the Drop Date, with an Add/Drop Form. However Anne Hunter's signature is required, not that of your supervisor. Unit adjustments can be made up to the last day of classes at the Course VI Undergraduate Office.

Students must be registered for thesis in the term in which they complete their thesis in order to receive a final grade. Students who fail to complete their theses on time must therefore register for at least one additional unit of thesis during the subsequent term. Graduate students cannot be on light load or pay by the unit. However there is a proration system whereby students can pay a prorated amount of tuition if they finish their theses during the first few weeks of a term, if they register for the term immediately preceding or following it. For more details about tuition proration, consult Peter Hayes in the Registrar's Office, (617) 258-6406, prhayes@mit.edu.

Summer Tuition Subsidy: Graduate students who register only for thesis and/or RAship (6.991) for a summer session will receive a full subsidy if they are registered for the preceding or subsequent term.