26. Checklist for Handing in a Thesis

Read over this checklist (formerly titled Appendix F) before you hand two identical copies of your thesis in at the Undergraduate Office.

  • Are your margins at least one inch on top and bottom and both sides? If your thesis is two-sided it must be two-sided throughout the document, including the prefatory pages. Odd-numbered pages should be on the right, even-numbered pages on the left.
  • Does your title page look exactly like the sample in Appendix D or Appendix E? Check the copyright and the sentence right after it that starts "The author hereby...".
  • Four title pages and four abstracts in Eng, Ru, KG, and TR languages are now required for each thesis copy. The abstract must look a lot like the one in Appendix C. It should be page two, right after your title page.
  • Make sure that there is only one continuous sequence with the title page counting as page 1. This includes all appendices, etc. Check that all of your pages are included, in the right order. It's easy and extremely common to miss a few pages deep in the middle of the document. Count all the way through it.
  • Make sure you have printed your two final copies on watermarked acid-free paper.
  • Have you and your supervisor signed the title page of the submission copies? The third signature (Prof. Shaidullaev's) will be provided later. [See Section 26] If VI-A thesis, has your company thesis supervisor also signed the title page and do you have your release letter? [See Section 28]
  • Have you and your supervisor completed your thesis grade sheet/receipt form? (Available in the Course VI Undergraduate Office) [See Section 20]