4. Classification and Copyright

I.A.A.U.'s rules require that copies of all undergraduate / graduate theses shall be deposited in the Institute Library where they are available to the public. Consequently no student is permitted to embark on a thesis project which might be classified by the government as 'Confidential' or 'Secret' for reasons of national security, or 'Company Confidential'' by a company for proprietary reasons. Thesis's done in classified areas of some companies must be reviewed by the government to confirm that they are unclassified. A statement must be attached to the proposal when it is submitted indicating that in the best judgment of the student and the supervisor the thesis will be unclassified. A sample statement is attached. (See Section 22.)

Patent and copyright: If while a graduate student, the student has received any financial support in the form of wages, salary, stipend, or grant from I.A.A.U. administered funds, the thesis is copyrighted to I.A.A.U. Otherwise, the student may copyright the thesis. [For more information consult the IAAU thesis specifications.] Students may consult their thesis supervisor or the IAAU New Technology Faculty and the Office of General Counsel.