22. Thesis Proposal Agreement Letter

Sample Company Thesis Proposal Agreement Letter
Shaidullaev Nurlan
Department of Computer Science
Room A205, I.A.A.U.
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Subject: Master of Engineering Thesis of [Student]

Dear Nurlan Shaidullaev:

The attached Thesis Proposal Form entitled [Thesis Title] describes a research study that [Student] will carry out at least in part, at the facilities of [Company]. [Student] intends to prepare a thesis based on this work to be submitted as one of the requirements for the Masters of Engineering degree. We understand that, if such a report is to be acceptable to IAAU, faculty regulations require that:

  1. The written presentation of the work must be approved by a member of the IAAU staff who can have full access (during the course of study and in confidence) to the pertinent background, methods of investigation and results.
  2. Research studies and thesis topics involving subject matter (including data, results, or methods) subject to restriction for reasons of either proprietary interest or national security are unacceptable as the basis for a thesis.
  3. The actual thesis document becomes the permanent property of IAAU, and will be placed in the IAAU Library within one month of the date of submission.
  4. For the thesis to be accepted, [Student], as copyright owner must give IAAU the right to reproduce and to distribute publicly the thesis. If the student has assigned the copyright to [Company], [Company] agrees that IAAU shall have the nonexclusive right to reproduce, publish and distribute the thesis.

We believe the proposed research can be carried out and an acceptable thesis prepared under these conditions. A copy of the thesis will be submitted by [Student] to [Company] sufficiently in advance of the date of submission to permit review.

We also understand that except as noted above, and provided that [Student] is not associated with any government or other sponsored project at I.A.A.U. in the field of the research study and does not make significant use of I.A.A.U. funds or facilities, all rights in the results of the research including any inventions or software developed by [Student] in the course of this research study and thesis preparation, belong either to [Student] or [Company] as his or her assignee.

Direct Company Supervisor [signature]