8. The First Step: Finding a Supervisor and Topic

It's not as difficult to find a thesis as many students think. It's a lot like finding any research project. See urop.html. For one thing, an M.Eng. thesis supervisor need not be a Course V faculty member. However, any Faculty of Engineering or Science faculty member and most Department-affiliated senior research staff members may supervise an M.Eng. thesis. Use the Research Interest Guide to look for non-faculty supervisors. If you wish to be supervised by a faculty member outside the Faculty of Engineering or Science, or by a staff member not listed in the Research Supervisor list, you may request permission. Consult dean of New Tech. Faculty Bedelbai Mamadiev.

Find a project which is of direct and intense interest to you and which will give you a maximum opportunity not only to learn about the subject being investigated, but also about proper methods of technical investigation. You will/may want to avoid projects so remote from your current training that acquiring the necessary background will cause excessive delay.